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07-13 August 2023
18-24 August 2023
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The 5-Minute-Website

Waiting for the bus? Code your first website in HTML.
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Who Can Party?

Your A.I. engine (JavaScript function 😉) says who is invited.
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Project 1: Landing Page

Learning the basics of HTML & CSS without even trying. (4 Trainings)
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Become a #CodeWeek Influencer

Become a #CodeWeek Influencer

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What is CodeWeek in Rwanda

We believe learning to code is the future, and it should be available to everyone learn how to do so for FREE.
Our aim is to make the first steps of learning of how to code a fun and exciting process, and to make it available to ALL schools and youth of Rwanda.
Our approach is simple: Challenge students to do just 10 minutes of coding everyday for 7 days during our annual CodeWeek event.
Rwanda CodeWeek was launched as a way to help schools, teachers, parents and volunteers to be able to easily teach computer science using our online and offline curriculum.
The Rwanda CodeWeek event will take place each year, and in addition we will help organize and host competitions, setting up coding clubs/communities/forums, empowering coding coaches, and more.

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